An Experience of Cuba…

What’s the first thing you’ll remember? Sure, you won’t forget the fact that society is running in a completely different political realm. Patriotism or Die. Painted on walls. And that the system, which… Continue reading

REVIEW: Insane Clown Posse at the Hi-Fi

Everybody has things in their past you would never really guess. Things that are such a dim memory you nearly forget them yourself. For the year between my 14th and 15th birthdays, my… Continue reading

Him & him: An Evening with a Psychopath

The comedy show was dank and dark, with a crowd so small they compensated by laughing extra hard at all the worst bits. Which is why it was strange his approach to the… Continue reading

Beer and Self Loathing: Eating my way through the U.S.A. – Part One

In September I packed in my job and headed overseas on an extended backpacking tour. Some people travel for history and culture, to broaden their knowledge of the world and engage with people… Continue reading

Late Night Bus Loops

*Trigger Warning Abuse* We met in the dimmest corner of the bar. Perusing through a bunch of photos he took at a marijuana-fueled party in a house that looked as though a dump… Continue reading

I Have Short Hair So You Don’t Have To Hold It Back

This is the true story of my life as a stand up comedian. They have two-for-one meals on comedy night. Trevor had the steak and the chicken parmigiana. I had sandwiches before I… Continue reading

Lifting the Gendered Veil

The dresses are longer, the speeches lighter, the liquor overflowing. The annual end of year law society dinner gives law students the opportunity to blow off steam as they hit the books one… Continue reading

Our Love

A portrait of innocence, the young girl sits. The apple of her father’s eye. Brought into the world amidst high hopes, happiness, heart. He always told her he loved her. My little angel,… Continue reading

REVIEW: Spring Breakers

So the film begins, and you sit through what feels like 30 minutes of footage of bouncing boobs, jiggling butts, and all other kinds of awkward-to-describe movements of fleshy bits, and you feel… Continue reading


Scared of blowing the spine out of the next girl you jack? Been a while since someone’s given you the old hand shandy? Don’t worry bout it! Have a maz…instead! Science facts, go!… Continue reading

Pauline Hanson: An Explanation

The legendary Pauline Hanson has been sighted in the liberal media, declaring her intentions on running in the Australia Federal Election. In a world dominated by reasonable individuals, it can be disheartening to… Continue reading

Football in Two Halves: Second Half

My early years at school were horrible, mainly because of one boy.  This one boy was at the centre of my hatred because I was the centre of his cruelty. Although he could… Continue reading

REVIEW: Kattertonia

‘Kattertonia’ is a humorous compilation of inane comments, crude maxims and unlikely poetry by Australian federal political juggernaut Bob Katter. Published by Black Inc. it is a concise, obscure collection which unashamedly strips… Continue reading

Football in Two Halves: First Half

You know those defining moments you see in teenage sporting movies where, against all odds and all logic, the team is inspired by a single act in a losing game to turn it… Continue reading

A+ .gif party time!

Hello. Pleased to meet you. I am here to help you surf the web, ride electrical barrels, and hang HTML ten. Totally tubular! Here are some of my all-time favourite .gifs. .gifs have… Continue reading

For What It Is Worth

On my first day of High School I was looking for a fresh start in a school where no one knew me. First days meant first encounters, and first encounters meant homeroom. Ms… Continue reading