Short Back and Sides


The first time Alexander had a haircut was the first time he had ever cum. His parents were a product of the sixties, all hair and freedom as long as you were in line with protocols created before you were born. Their constant need for nudity and sexual interaction with each other had left Alexander a seriously confused boy and he spent most of his early life collapsing underneath nature. His image of what was sexually intoxicating had been extrapolated by an outdated sense of exploration and it wasn’t until a blade was taken to his hair for the first time that he discovered his somewhat camp fantasy.

Hair down past his kneecaps, he walked into the hairdresser with the same fear a dog gets when being taken to the vet. A woman named Sandy greeted him with a shallow smile. She told him to take a seat in a leather chair that smelled like a fresh mop bucket and asked his mother how she wanted it done. “He is going to a catholic school,” she said. “So he needs his hair short, back and sides.”

“One blade it is then, now don’t move little girl or you might lose an ear.” said Sandy, spraying his knotted hair.

Alexander was shocked. The way her nailed hands caressed his neck and scalp was invigorating. Blood drained from his face and rushed to somewhere else. She took scissors to his hair. The more she lobbed off the better he felt. He closed his eyes and stifled a groan. “Oh god,” he whispered to himself. She chipped away at his hair, quickly cutting lengths off and dropping them to the floor. His erection grew under the cover and he gradually began to shake. His hand worked up and down his shaft as he tried to keep his face imperceptibly calm. Faster and faster she worked, not noticing that faster and faster he worked. As she cut around his ears he couldn’t hold it any longer. He came and in that moment he jerked his head.

Alexander felt a painful slash across his ear and heard the woman behind him scream. Blood pumped from his ear. He looked around to the floor and saw a gnarled piece of cartilage and skin sitting atop a bed of hair.

 – By Mitch Firman