REVIEW: Kattertonia

images‘Kattertonia’ is a humorous compilation of inane comments, crude maxims and unlikely poetry by Australian federal political juggernaut Bob Katter.

Published by Black Inc. it is a concise, obscure collection which unashamedly strips comments made by Katter from their context and scrapbooks them together like homophobic alphabet soup.

Split into themed sections ‘Kattertonia’  offers quotations on topics as varied and far reaching as: self reflection (On Himself), Martians and Eskimos (Martians and Eskimos), Economics (Industrial Relations and The Free Market), Morality (Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Women and Marriage) the political landscape (Fighting for the Country) and dadaist brain explosions (What The…?, Katterbrain).

Beside its absurdist humour  ‘Kattertonia’ does humanise the the Honourable member for Kennedy. Although just as you start to develop empathy for Katter you are assaulted by a litany of Katter-esque homophobia and sexism. Offending every fibre of anyone’s personal progressive being.

A fantastic book for placing on your coffee table , where, during dinner parties you can open to a page at random, loudly recite a quotation to your guests and guffaw with smug, leftist satisfaction.

Four Stars: 4stars

– By Rhys Parry.