Sophie Ray Vaughan

There are some really overused clichés employed to describe photographers. Stuff about how the camera is “an extension of her arm” or that she “captures the impossible unicorn called life”. The camera is not an extension of Sophie Vaughan’s arm. She is a camera, like literally. She pretends to run her fingers through her brown hair, but we all know she’s looking for a button. She’s constantly flashing. But the real give away is the fact that she’s dating a camera. They’re lensbians. She takes it everywhere. They’re a perfect match, and they’ve been together for years. She’s a designer of moments and her lover seizes them. Agencies and publications around Brisbane demand their love.

Sophie’s an old soul from Byron Bay. But she’s also a camera. And a unicorn. And a charming Brisbane-based freelance photographer. She’s magically talented. She’s a dream. She’s Sophie Vaughan.

 -Words by Nick Taras (The photographer is too self depreciating to be able to string a sentence together about herself)

Sophie’s work on Mild Mutant includes:

Girls Gone Mild  largeblackwaterbutton

Cheap Red Wine and the End of Time

Cheap Red Wine and the End of Time