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An Experience of Cuba…

What’s the first thing you’ll remember? Sure, you won’t forget the fact that society is running in a completely different political realm. Patriotism or Die. Painted on walls. And that the system, which… Continue reading

Beer and Self Loathing: Eating my way through the U.S.A. – Part One

In September I packed in my job and headed overseas on an extended backpacking tour. Some people travel for history and culture, to broaden their knowledge of the world and engage with people… Continue reading

REVIEW: Spring Breakers

So the film begins, and you sit through what feels like 30 minutes of footage of bouncing boobs, jiggling butts, and all other kinds of awkward-to-describe movements of fleshy bits, and you feel… Continue reading

REVIEW: Kattertonia

‘Kattertonia’ is a humorous compilation of inane comments, crude maxims and unlikely poetry by Australian federal political juggernaut Bob Katter. Published by Black Inc. it is a concise, obscure collection which unashamedly strips… Continue reading

Football in Two Halves: First Half

You know those defining moments you see in teenage sporting movies where, against all odds and all logic, the team is inspired by a single act in a losing game to turn it… Continue reading

A+ .gif party time!

Hello. Pleased to meet you. I am here to help you surf the web, ride electrical barrels, and hang HTML ten. Totally tubular! Here are some of my all-time favourite .gifs. .gifs have… Continue reading

Reinventing the Sandwich

Back in the old school yard days a kid’s social status was linked to the contents of their lunch box. If you had an apple, you were a dud. A Roll-Up or Dunkaroos?… Continue reading

Poo and the Human Petri Dish

Humans have too many limbs. We are a cluster fuck of physical protrusions and emotional appendages. It is a known fact homo-sapiens secrete from every orifice and are generally gross. We gobble up all the… Continue reading

Cheap Red Wine and The End of Time

What is with all this rain lately am I right? And the slight drop in temperature and everything? I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the other day I heard this guy on… Continue reading

Girls Gone Mild

Mild Mutant is pleased to bring you our first ever edition of our first ever zine: Girls Gone Mild. Featuring girls, vaginas, anatomy and dichotomy, the zine is a clusterfuck of drawings, photos,… Continue reading

The Open Bar Conundrum

The open bar is a curious creature. It is a rare finding for even the most learned of party-goers and heavy drinkers. If you perchance stumble upon one, there is always a bit… Continue reading

Fight Club, Sex, and Going Steady

Dear god I am sick of reading the covers of women’s magazines. If they aren’t dishing out advice on how to bag a man they’re telling you how to zig and zag a man. Forget… Continue reading

Best of the B-Grade Sequels

Listen up, snobs. Not everybody can live like Shia LeBouf, who made the decision late last year to go ‘all indie, all the time.’ As important as it is to grapple with black… Continue reading

Big Things

Australia is a big country. Compared to other landmasses we have a lot of space and few people filling it. We come from a long line of invaders and colonisers. Maybe these factors… Continue reading

REVIEW: House of Cards

  [x] netflix needing to prove something [x] respected and admired movie director  [x] respected and admired movie star [x] large budget  [x ] unsubtle breaking of the fourth wall [x] making Arron… Continue reading

From Couch Potaters to Procreaters

If you are searching for a waterline marking the decay of modern society, switch off ABC24, ignore Tony Jones, and don’t whatever you do read The Courier Mail, you goddam idiot. Turn the… Continue reading