Reinventing the Sandwich

Back in the old school yard days a kid’s social status was linked to the contents of their lunch box. If you had an apple, you were a dud. A Roll-Up or Dunkaroos?… Continue reading

Short Back and Sides

The first time Alexander had a haircut was the first time he had ever cum. His parents were a product of the sixties, all hair and freedom as long as you were in… Continue reading

Poo and the Human Petri Dish

Humans have too many limbs. We are a cluster fuck of physical protrusions and emotional appendages. It is a known fact homo-sapiens secrete from every orifice and are generally gross. We gobble up all the… Continue reading

Cheap Red Wine and The End of Time

What is with all this rain lately am I right? And the slight drop in temperature and everything? I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the other day I heard this guy on… Continue reading

The Open Bar Conundrum

The open bar is a curious creature. It is a rare finding for even the most learned of party-goers and heavy drinkers. If you perchance stumble upon one, there is always a bit… Continue reading

All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

A pyrite glimmer clings to the glamorous Percentage Hotel. Guests slump into the reception hall, leaving a trail of grease on the linoleum floor. The host, Mark, greets them exuberantly. His small, blue… Continue reading

Fight Club, Sex, and Going Steady

Dear god I am sick of reading the covers of women’s magazines. If they aren’t dishing out advice on how to bag a man they’re telling you how to zig and zag a man. Forget… Continue reading

Best of the B-Grade Sequels

Listen up, snobs. Not everybody can live like Shia LeBouf, who made the decision late last year to go ‘all indie, all the time.’ As important as it is to grapple with black… Continue reading

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Liberals

I, for one, am not content with the environment policies of the current Gillard Government. Talks of a ‘carbon tax’ and a ‘green economy’ are for hippies who only fly Astral Airways. Discussions… Continue reading

Big Things

Australia is a big country. Compared to other landmasses we have a lot of space and few people filling it. We come from a long line of invaders and colonisers. Maybe these factors… Continue reading

New People

Last weekend I went to a party and I had a couple of drinks but not that many and I decided to try and be brave and talk to people I didn’t know.… Continue reading

The Right Way to be Wrong

According to those closest to me I am almost always wrong. My brain pulls bits and pieces from all over the place like an electrical shit storm, connecting things that have no business… Continue reading

REVIEW: House of Cards

  [x] netflix needing to prove something [x] respected and admired movie director  [x] respected and admired movie star [x] large budget  [x ] unsubtle breaking of the fourth wall [x] making Arron… Continue reading

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