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I Have Short Hair So You Don’t Have To Hold It Back

This is the true story of my life as a stand up comedian. They have two-for-one meals on comedy night. Trevor had the steak and the chicken parmigiana. I had sandwiches before I… Continue reading

Girls Gone Mild

Mild Mutant is pleased to bring you our first ever edition of our first ever zine: Girls Gone Mild. Featuring girls, vaginas, anatomy and dichotomy, the zine is a clusterfuck of drawings, photos,… Continue reading

All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

A pyrite glimmer clings to the glamorous Percentage Hotel. Guests slump into the reception hall, leaving a trail of grease on the linoleum floor. The host, Mark, greets them exuberantly. His small, blue… Continue reading

Black Water

Brisbane photographer Sophie Ray Vaughn has shared some of her hauntingly beautiful photography with us. Click here: (best viewed in widescreen) ((listening to Nick Cave))