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Pauline Hanson: An Explanation

The legendary Pauline Hanson has been sighted in the liberal media, declaring her intentions on running in the Australia Federal Election. In a world dominated by reasonable individuals, it can be disheartening to… Continue reading

REVIEW: Kattertonia

‘Kattertonia’ is a humorous compilation of inane comments, crude maxims and unlikely poetry by Australian federal political juggernaut Bob Katter. Published by Black Inc. it is a concise, obscure collection which unashamedly strips… Continue reading

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Liberals

I, for one, am not content with the environment policies of the current Gillard Government. Talks of a ‘carbon tax’ and a ‘green economy’ are for hippies who only fly Astral Airways. Discussions… Continue reading

The Decline of Participatory Democracy in an Age of Interactivity

Perhaps cancer is too strong of a euphemism to describe Australia’s declining political legitimacy? For political journalist Guy Rundle, cancer is the manifestation of an Australian citizenry frustrated at the lack of meaningful… Continue reading